Here’s who will win in Artificial Intelligence

Starting from ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence is increasingly entering our daily lives. He even did this with a prediction about the possible outcome of the UEFA Champions League, which has just started in the football world.

Who will win the 2023/24 Champions League according to artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence prediction for the 2023/24 Champions League

It doesn’t matter if you call it AI or IA, depending on whether you choose English or Italian for the acronym. Artificial Intelligence has now entered our lives. Its general perception is accompanied by fear in terms of the jobs it may cause to be lost. From this point of view, bookmakers and bookmakers can also take their place.

Yes, because artificial intelligence now also makes predictions. Opta, the IT company that creates statistics and curiosity about the world of sports and especially football, questioned this with artificial intelligence. Chance to win the Champions League. The AI ​​responded by developing a ranking of 16 positions, i.e. the teams that will advance to the knockout stage.

The first surprise has already arrived, because PSG is hypothetically not in the top 16 and Lazio’s absence makes less noise. But it’s no surprise that it’s ranked first because, frankly, that’s where we find it. reigning champion Manchester City. According to Opta’s AI, City have a 36.1% chance of winning, a gap behind second-placed Bayern Munich (10.2%).

What changes between artificial intelligence and bookmakers?

Whether we know it or not How does Artificial Intelligence work?The predictions for the top two favorites for the 2023/24 Champions League do not seem very questionable. Comparison of artificial intelligence bookmaker oddsBut there are some things worth thinking about. For example, SNAI* has the same top two favorites; City is at 3.25 and Bayern is at 6.00, but something is changing behind them.

Arsenal and Real Madrid switch positions; The Gunners are third for IA and the Blancos are fourth, while SNAI pays 8.00 for Real Madrid’s success and 9.00 for Arsenal’s success. But exactly where the evaluations differ so much is in Italian teams. According to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Napoli ranks 5th with 6%, Inter ranks 6th with 5.1% and Milan ranks 14th with 1.5%.

According to SNAI, The Italian with the best qualities is InterSeventh favorite with 20 points. Napoli and Milan are ninth favorites behind Manchester United and Newcastle with 33 points. However, the most macroscopic differences are in Barcelona and PSG. Barça, which ranks only 10th in the AI ​​rankings with 3%, is the fifth favorite with 10 points. The Parisians are in 12th place in the SNAI rankings and outside the top 16 in the Opta rankings.

*Quotes are subject to change

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