Live Poker | CAPT Bregenz: Full house at the start and a win for Pascal Inkert

Yesterday, October 17th, the second stop of this year’s Casinos Austria Poker Tour (CAPT) opened at Casino Bregenz with a very full house. A heads-up deal finally brought Pascal victory in the €200 + 30 opening event.

€20,000 in prize money was guaranteed at the €200 + 30 opening event, managed with 25,000 chips (+ 10% early bird) and 20 minute levels. The tables were already full at the start and in level 4 the guaranteed amount was reached. At the end of Late Reg at level 8, you can get 95 re-entries and 48 re-entries. This meant that €28,600 was in the pot and the top 19 places were paid.

Alexander Schneider asks for the ME ticket worth €1,100

After the early birds, a main event ticket for Saturday is available for €1,100. Alexander Schwarzinger had the flip god on his side and grabbed the ticket with the full house.

Many familiar faces were at the tables, Swiss, German and Austrians fought for the money. It’s time to get down to business and around midnight we were back on the bubble. Mini-cash for 19th place was €500; the winner could look forward to €6,630.

The structure allowed for plenty of leeway, so it was already late by the time we reached heads-up. There was finally a deal here that gave Pascal Inkert victory for €6,200, while second place finisher Daniel Bertel was able to win €5,000.

Every 18 hours there is a €200 + 100 + 30 bounty that includes 25,000 chips and 20 minute levels. You will also now see a sponsored 1,100 euro ticket. You can find information about the CAPT at

rank First name Surname nation Prize money Act
1 Pascal Inkert TO €6,630 €6,200
2 Daniel Bertel TO €4,570 €5,000
3 Gideon Stetter Ch €3,230
4 Max Mustermann D €2,320
5 Andrew balcony Ch €1,780
6 Andrew M. €1,420
7 Leon Fisherman D €1,140
8th Keole Ch 940€
9 Pancho D 830€
10 Noah G. 670€
11 pole Tidwell 670€
12 John shine TO 600€
13 Gerhard Schubert D 600€
14 F L. 550€
15 Behnke Gerhard D 550€
16 Toralf Allwardt D 550€
17 DAMAGE Ch 550€
18 Mark Polzer D 500€
19 Mario Mader D 500€

The tournament schedules of the remaining CAPTs 2023:

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