Rowers from Casale Monferrato: Encore Tricolore!

However, the story of history continues Casale rowerscapable Confirm the tricolor title conquered in 2022, despite arriving in Turin with a reshuffled lineup.

The solidity of the Piedmontese team prevailed against the exuberance of the Sicilian team (3-1 result), a young team that perhaps seemed less used to dealing with the tension at stake. The women’s final of the A1 BMW series – on the playing fields of the Circolo della Stampa Sporting in Turin – opened with the duel between the number 3 of the two teams.

Unlike usual, it was not Jessica Pieri, who was not in optimal physical condition after the exertions in the semi-finals, who defended the colors of the Casalese club, but Deborah Chiesa, who was already in the top 150 and has recovered significantly after the physical problems of the last few years , unlike Anastasia Abbagnato. Deborah, good at containing her young opponent’s exuberance, managed to bring the first set back into balance after a difficult start, first holding her serve and then breaking the Palermo player’s serve. Finally, with the score at 5:5, I took advantage of the two break points I had won and closed the set shortly afterwards. The second set was a Casale monologue, even if the score of 6-0 does not fully show Abbagnato’s game, she was less clear than her opponent in the important moments of the set, but still reactive.

The precedents between Lisa Pigato and Giorgia Pedone, their respective teams’ No. 3, showed that the former, a 2003 Lombard player at Canottieri Casale, was the favorite due to two wins out of two in the previous games. And A1’s challenge confirmed this trend, but only after two full hours of intense confrontation. The first set began with a break from Canottieri Casale and Pigato, who controlled the game so much that they were almost 4-1. The current number 344 in the WTA rankings then ended the score at 6:3 by taking her opponent’s serve again and making the hundred or so Casale fans who followed the Piedmontese team cheer. In the second half, the Sicilian’s reaction led to a draw, but the ups and downs of emotions on the pitch at the Circolo della Stampa sports training center were far from over. In the third round, a whirlwind of breaks ensured complete balance until, in the ninth game, Lisa Pigato, who had just recovered from mononucleosis, managed to overtake and, above all, maintain the lead in her service game, putting Canottieri Casale a point ahead of the Game led title.

In the number 1 game, Sara Errani and Arantxa Rus, the best-ranked players from Casale and Palermo respectively, were not present, as both of them could not be used by the captains due to the regulations, as they had not made at least two appearances in the previous phase Game. Competition. On the field were the Romanian Andreea Mitu, already number 68 in the world, and the Spanish Marina Bassols Ribera, winner of the most recent WTA 125 in Andorra and just one step away from the top 100. Mitu, who entered the court in not perfect physical condition, gave the impression from the beginning that he wanted to shorten the exchanges as much as possible when serving (at the end of the game there will be 7 aces and 14 double faults for the Romanian), which he did. After winning two breaks and giving up one, they were 5:3 in the first set. At the fifth change of pitch, with the score at 5-4, the Casalese closed the first half, but could not stop the comeback of the Spaniard, who took courage after the 7-5 and controlled the second part 6-3. The decision was therefore postponed to double. The title holders fielded the two singles winners, Deborah Chiesa and Lisa Pigato, while the task of keeping the Palermo coach’s winning hopes alive was entrusted to Anastasia Abbagnato and Marina Bassols Ribera himself. First game and first break for the Canottieri Casale couple, who wanted to make it clear from the start that they did not want to resort to the double playoff to confirm the championship. The Sicilians’ reaction to the superiority of the Piedmontese came late and ineffective. As confirmed by the 6-2 6-2 that gave the girls of Canottieri Casale their second title of Italian champions.

The President of the Piedmontese beams, Giuliano Cecchini: «Repeating yourself is twice as nice. Winning last year was nice, but repeating it gave us incredible joy. We arrived with some training problems and that shows even more that it was the group that won: a real, solid group with a hard core of very strong Italian players.”.

Giorgio Lo CascioPresident of the Palermo Tennis Club, sums up an extraordinary journey: “I have nothing to blame my girls for. Last year we were in A2 and this year we only reached the final, in a game that ended with just a few points. This is sport, honor the winners.

Giulia GabbaCaptain of the Monferrine at the end: «Indescribable emotions, I wasn’t ready for this party. I’m really happy for the girls who played this year. Greetings to Sara Errani, who tried everything to celebrate with us. Congratulations to Palermo, almost all of them are girls from kindergarten. Thanks also to our huge audience.”

Lisa Pigato: «Great satisfaction, we are a great team. We worked hard and did it. I dedicate it to my family, us and my parents who always support me.”

Deborah Church: “ANDwe were exhausted. To have won the double among us mere mortals is worth a lot. Last year there was Sara Errani, to whom we pay tribute and who has an outstanding caliber. A thought also goes to Tathiana Garbin, who always did a great job at the Billie Jean King Cup and called me up under certain circumstances.

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