Licensed for Kenya

It has been among the most active, innovative and developing operators on the Italian market for several years. VinciTu Group thus gives itself the chance to go international by obtaining a license to offer public gaming in Kenya.

VinciTu lands in Kenya: Here’s what it will do

VinciTu Group arrives in Africa

Challenges are an integral part of every entrepreneurial activity. There is no doubt that diving into a completely new market in a country far from your own. And that’s exactly what he just started doing VinciTu Group, a wholly Italian company (Founded in Naples) has been operating in the legal Italian public gaming market for years with betting and online gaming franchises.

VinciTu recently released one License to operate in Kenya. In fact, the group led by Vincenzo Saviano is becoming a multinational company and there is a lot of curiosity about the impact this could have in Kenya. Africa has long been viewed as an emerging market, despite the thousands of challenges and inequalities that the continent continues to face.

What will happen now? Bet collection activity will begin in the next few days. From what we learned, at least in the initial phase, VinciTu will be limited to online play only. It should be expected that real branded betting agencies will open later. Those who see the light should be the first to see it in the capital Nairobi region, which is probably one of the economic and financial centers of Africa.

Towards global growth of VinciTu Group

As mentioned in the introduction, VinciTu has recently defined itself as one of the most active and proactive brands in the Italian market. Arrived at the end of 2022 Agreement with the Italian Tobacco Traders AssociationIt is very important from an economic and strategic point of view. Instead from a few months ago launch of betting exchange on the betting platform.

Therefore, we are talking about a brand that is constantly looking for innovation or new business opportunities, always within the framework of responsible gaming. It is necessary to read the expansion abroad in this sense and bring the growth in Italy along with it. We will see VinciTu’s situation in 2022 at the end of the year – for online betting – 1.20% market share.

Africa is an attractive opportunity for those in the online gaming business, but it is not easy to deal with. There are many contradictions, problems and conflicts within the continent. But in this respect Kenya seems to have reached a period of relative calm, and indeed Nairobi is one of them. Metropolis with a population of more than 4 millionthe center of a developing economy.

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