The best overhead kick goals from Cristiano Ronaldo to Rooney

In South America they call it “bicicleta”, which means “bicycle kick” in English. In Italy, it was always before us thanks to the image of the legendary Panini album with its iconic overhead kick by Carlo Parola. We’ve collected some of the best here.

Historical overhead kick goals

An overhead kick is perhaps the most spectacular sight you can witness on a football field. Seeing the ball shot in the air and heading towards the net is a moment of art. And then there is driving emotional feelingImagine the audacity of the player who found himself in a brilliant and ridiculous attempt to make such a spectacular shot.

We’ve tried to put together some of the most beautiful overhead kicks you’ve ever seen. Technical ability required to score a goal, distance to the goal, importance of the net, height from which the ball is kicked and many other factors. Of course, everyone has their favorites, but for us these goals are definitely unforgettable.

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The best overhead kicks in football

The first goal we want to start with is, in our opinion, one of the most incredible, a goal that really cannot be missing in such a list. It’s about an absurd reversal Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the fourth of his goals Sweden v England, 4-2, played in November 2012. An incredible shot from 30 meters that sent the Stockholm stadium into a frenzy, quickly traveled around the world and remains perhaps the most sensational overhead kick ever.

Immediately after Ibra’s overhead kick, we would like to remember an overhead kick that is certainly less well-known, but has an equally high technical coefficient. We are talking about “bicicleta” created by. Philippe Mexès plays for Milan against Anderlecht, in the Champions LeagueIn November 2012. It was an extraordinary goal that he scored after stopping the ball with his chest and sending it from a distance of approximately 16 meters in a magnificent parabola from the edge of the area directly into the opposite corner: a miracle.

We move on to 2006 for Ronaldinho’s “chilena”, another absolute phenomenon of contemporary football. The match is Barcelona-Villareal, minute eighty-seven. The Blaugrana talent blocks the cross coming from the right side with his chest, turns his back while the ball is in the air, changes direction with his body and sends the ball to the opposite corner. A superior technical gesture.

However, in order to stay in Catalonia, we cannot help but mention the exquisite overhead kick that Rivaldo scored against Valencia on the last day of the Spanish La Liga on June 17, 2001, completing his magnificent personal hat-trick and winning the victory. 3 games to 2 wins over their rivals. Rivaldo invented this move from scratchReceiving the ball from behind after a throw from De Boer’s attacking midfield: he touches the chest, the ball rises, the Brazilian launches himself into the air and sends the ball from the edge of the area at supersonic speed. corner to the left of the goalkeeper.

The most beautiful overhead kicks ever

Readers of this ranking will rightly note, Cristiano Ronaldo’s overhead kick at Juventus StadiumWho, after a while, somehow contributed to CR7’s transition from Merengues to Juventus. His overhead kick to make it 2-0 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals in April 2018 remains one of the most remarkable athletic efforts ever expressed on that basis. In fact, Ronaldo kicks the ball very high, literally astonishing all the players around him and the spectators in the stadium.

It has been evaluated for a long time and by many people The most beautiful overhead kick ever, We can’t help but mention the goal Wayne Rooney scored against Manchester City while playing for the Reds. A “Chilena” who gave United victory at the end of a very tough derby. There’s not much to say other than that: the English number 9 Nani’s cross is launched, a moment later he falls to the ground, the ball lands in the top corner to the Citizen’s left. goalkeeper: ‘Old Trafford is turning into chaos.

The last two quotes of the overhead beat go to: Gareth Bale is the author of an extraordinary “bicicleta”. In the Champions League final against Liverpool in 2018, and then in the last final, where 2004-born talent Alejandro Garnacho scored against Everton, questioning his title as the best overhead kick ever. The goal scored by the Argentinian boy will remain in the eyes of the fans for a long time and has already taken its place among the most extraordinary shots ever seen on the football field.

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