Palasino: Siege for Martin Mick and Patrick Harra

Both in the Palasino Casino Excalibur City and in Dolni Dvoriste/Wullowitz the rebuy tournament was invited again yesterday, December 8th.

At the Palasino Excalibur City, the buy-in was slightly higher than usual at €40 due to the holiday, but there was also €6,000 in prize money waiting. The guarantee is valid with 65 starters, 93 rebuys and up to 41 add-ons lockers, the top 8 items are available immediately. A double bubble deal saw ten players in the money, a deal at the end of the early decision and Martin Mick the win for €1,491.

rank Surname Prize money Act
1 Mick Martin €2,121 €1,491
2 Markovic Goran €1,404 €1,153
3 Solomun Rudolf €931 €1,011
4 Göschl Otto €716 993€
5 Nanos Alexandros 609€ €903
6 Singh Karanbir €466 €697
7 Tuna Luboš €394
8th Nijjar Sukhweer 322€ 322€
9 Matt Gerhard 100€
10 Bekirovsky Erhan 100€

At the Palasino Wullowitz there was €5,000 in prize money at the usual €30 NLH rebuy tournament. With 42 starters, 69 rebuys and 32 add-ons also available under guarantee, the top 6 are also available. Patrick Harra was happy about the victory.

rank Surname Prize money
1 Patrick Harra €1,575
2 Edgar Grabner 990€
3 Lukáš Papousek 675€
4 Muslum Kiriklar 495€
5 Raouf Sbaa 405€
6 Christian Greiml 360€

In the end today I’m waiting for €7,000 again in the Palasino Excalibur City at the €50 Ultra Deepstack, which is played with 50,000 chips and 20 minute levels. The cash games start from just 1/3 NLH or €2/2 PLO (minimum purchase price €100). Information about what is on offer in the Palasino Casinos can be found on the website or on the Palasino Poker Facebook page.

The tournaments at Palasino Excalibur City:

The tournaments in the Palasino Wullowitz:


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