Sanremo 2024 won by Angelina Mango on ChatGPT: ranking

Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is now increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, and the Sanremo Festival can certainly not be an exception. Thus, upon a newspaper’s question, ChatGPT announced the top 10 songs of the 2024 song festival.

Sanremo 2024: favorites according to ChatGPT

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Favorites Sanremo 2024: Angelina Mango for AI

We enter the week of the Sanremo Festival with a lot of expectations, a lot of chatter and countless rumors and predictions. At a time like this, when Artificial Intelligence has now entered daily life It was impossible for Sanremo 2024 not to tell us “his” in almost every aspect of our lives. And it happened just in time.

Fan Page newspaper interviewed ChatGPT, the OpenAI system that allows you to use Artificial Intelligence for many different purposes. The demand was clear Who will win Sanremo 2024? but since this is an artificial intelligence and not a thinking being, everything depends on the parameters set. In this case, the site used press reviews as its database.

In fact, since January 15, almost all newspapers have been publishing evaluations of all 30 songs participating in the competition based on first listening impressions. ChatGPT derived the probability of each artist winning based on these parameters, assigned a score from 1 to 10, and averaged all reviews. Finally, The winner will be Angelina Mango with 8.6 points.

Sanremo bets: Podium and surprises according to artificial intelligence

The 22-year-old daughter of late Pino Mango and former Matia Bazar frontwoman Laura Valente has already stirred up some controversy because Will recommend La Rondine, to his father’s great success, dedicated the evening to covers. This is another element that can set things in motion, even on an emotional level. ChatGPT ranks third after Angelina Mango: Geolier, Kolors and BigMamaall at 8.5.

Kolors is a very well-known band, originating from the song “Amici” by Angelina Mango as well as Maria de Filippi. Geolier is a Neapolitan rapper, just like BigMama, an Avellino native and the biggest surprise in this lineup, is Campanian and a rapper. Other Annalisa’s absence is a big surpriseWhile he has been among the favorites for some time among all bookmakers to bet on Sanremo, on ChatGPT he is only in sixth place with 8.1, along with Ghali and Loredana Bertè.

Other favorites overlooked by the AI ​​are trio Il Volo, who have always had a big impact on Sanremo but are third from the bottom for ChatGPT. Another big name that has a very high chance in Sanremo 2024 but was “rejected” by artificial intelligence is: Alessandra Amoroso, just twenty-first. Then look out for Mahmood, a two-time winner in Sanremo and sixth in the ChatGPT rankings with 8.3 points.

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