Grand Casino Liechtenstein guarantees CHF 1,000,000 with Wolf Millionaire

From April 11th to 23rd the wolf pack will howl again. For the first time, the Grand Casino Liechtenstein and Eurorounders are presenting this Wolf millionaire with a prize money guarantee of CHF 1,000,000the buy-in is only CHF 630 + 70.

Eurorounders and the GCLI have worked well together on several occasions. Last September, the GCLI showed that mega events are possible with the Record at the WPT Prime for View. And the Wolf Millioaire in April will be a mega event with guaranteed prize money of CHF 1,000,000.

In general, the tournament has a buy-in of CHF 630 + 70, but flights can also be offered for CHF 530 + 70. As we know from Eurorounders, the festival is also characterized by very deep and long structures. Flights 1A to 1C are eligible for CHF 530 + 70 buy-in, flights 1D to 1F are locked with a chip leader bonus for the top 3, flights 1G to 1K are regular flights and 1L is additionally damaged by the Turbo Flight . You get jewels with 60,000 chips and 40 minute levels (20 in Turbo). As of today, flights 1A to 1C are eligible for Day 2A, flights 1D to 1F are eligible for Day 2B, and flight 1G are eligible for Day 2C. Day 2 takes place on April 14th, 18th and 21st and we get gems with 50 minute levels. On Monday, April 22nd, the field will go into Day 3 together for the first time, and the money places (10% of the entries) will then be achieved. 50 minute tiers feature a table at the final table, with the final taking place on April 23rd at 50 minutes. Played 60 minute levels. Anyone who reaches the money will be guaranteed CHF 1,000 as min cash.

Just as obvious for the main event as for other side events that provide variety. There will also be numerous satellites offered during the festival, but there will be many qualification opportunities in advance. They are also working with the Swiss Poker Clubs again and so many Swiss can get their ticket for the Wolf Millionaire inexpensively from their favorite club.

To keep the additional costs at the Wolf Millionaire within reasonable limits, the GCLI has made numerous deals with hotels in the area and so there are many rooms between CHF 79 and CHF 99. It is advisable to book as soon as possible because demand is sure to increase be high. Once again, you can find it again using the promo code “gcli2024”.

For the next big showdown in April there is now a big poker action in the GCLI, the cash games start in the blinds CHF 1/3 NLH or CHF 1/1 PLO. All details about the poker floor at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein can be found on the Poker Facebook page and on the website Under You’ll find out more about the live action and the details next time.

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