situation and possible repechage

Football in Italy does not sail very well and is known, but at least there is a calendar for Serie A and everything is ready. The same cannot be said for Serie B and Serie C 2023/24, which are still in chaos amid repechages, readmissions and uncertainties.

Stand by Series B and C 2023/24: the case

Serie B and C chaos amid delays, appeals and repechments

The Italian Serie B and Serie C football championships ended more than a month and a half ago, last June 11 and 18. Officially, His cadet must begin again on August 19, 2023.The new season of the 3rd series was expected to start on August 27. However, that will most likely not be the case. Let’s see the mixed cases.

Serie B ended with promotions of Frosinone, Genoa and Cagliari and Benevento, SPAL, Perugia and Brescia landing in C, replaced by promoted Catanzaro, Feralpisalò, Lecco and Reggiana. However, currently all bow down. The situation in C, where Pordenone resigned with Mantova’s readmission, is simpler. In B, Lecco and Reggina are temporarily excluded.

Having made it to the final against Foggia on the pitch, Lecco didn’t even have time to celebrate 50 years later on his return to B, whose registration was denied due to his stadium’s inadequacy for the category. On the other hand, Reggina has accounting problems. for possible outstanding debts. Both teams were denied, both appealed.

Between appeals and repechages, when the season starts

The most sensational case is undoubtedly the case of Lecco, which has been a nationwide sensation for weeks, and also Signature campaign on It’s going towards 5000 signatures. The exclusion of the Lombard team is just a bureaucratic pun, so Several hours delay in response from the Governor of Padua About the possible use of the Euganeo stadium.

This pun was printed by Perugia and he too was under investigation for sports crimes, but it didn’t work. Currently, the FIGC Perugia is second in the ranking of possible repechages, behind Brescia. There is also the Reggina problem, which owes around 750 thousand euros, the subject of a dispute where sports and ordinary justice are at odds.

Lecco and Reggina applied to the TAR with the expected sentence on 2 August. if not, last card of the State Council (29 August). A 21-team Serie B is more than a hypothesis, and the most optimistic dates for the championship to start are September 2. For C, the federal council will decide on August 4.

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