What are the most watched sports events of all time? Here are the top 5

Have you ever wondered which sporting events had the most spectators in history? We will give you the answer. For obvious reasons, recent events are preferred, but the top 5 will surprise you.

Turin 2006 among the most watched events ever

The 5 most watched sports events in history

What are the most followed sports events? Obviously we have to take objective data as a reference, so we have to take a history of data on television viewers for older events and those on platforms for more recent events. Revealed in this light interesting top 5.

The first event in this sequence concerns us closely because Turin 2006 Winter Olympics. A pressure that was already present at the time, even if they were a minority, illuminated by champions such as Benjamin Raich and Anja Paerson and attracting an audience of approximately 2.1 billion, including television audiences, on-site attendance and various online views. But the second event will surprise you.

The fourth most watched sporting event of all time with 2.2 billion viewers Cricket World Cup 2019. The fact that the World Cup, which we hardly know about but is very popular in Commonwealth countries such as England, India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand, is being played in England has increased the interest even more. The thrilling final between England and New Zealand created a real explosion.

Controversial Messi and record-breaking Qatar 2022

The numbers are also increasing in the other 3 races in the top 5, starting with the Tour De France. The Grande Boucle regularly attracts around 3.5 billion spectators each year. Impressive numbers, albeit below 3.6 billion Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Then the final performance of an icon like Usain Bolt was decisive.

Speaking of “icons”, the first place in this special ranking is Lionel Messi, the absolute hero of the season. Qatar 2022 Football World Cup became the most watched sports event It made history with 5.4 billion viewers. Moreover, it is an incident that is at the center of a controversy recently initiated by the former coach of the Dutch national team. Louis Van GaalAccordingly, everything was prepared for Messi to win.

Qatar 2022 was a special version of the Football World Cup, the first of which was held in winter, and all major national championships had to pause for several months. Apart from this, there were also accusations. human rights are not respected and there were many deaths during the construction of the stadiums. But figures show that billions of people prefer to act as if nothing happened.

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