State collects $6.8 billion in gambling taxes in 2023

Public games are becoming an increasingly important resource for the State. This is also confirmed by the Treasury Summary Account published by MEF. The sector contributed 6.8 billion euros to the Treasury in 2023.

MEF announced the contribution of the gaming industry to the Treasury

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MEF: Game tax will be 6.8 billion in 2023

The contribution of the legal public gaming industry to the state coffers is gaining size and importance every year. According to the information in the Treasury Summary Account published by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF); 6.79 billion euros Total revenue from the sector and entering the state budget for the 2023 calendar year.

Most of this money, exceeding 5.61 billion euros, Duty tax on gaming machines and devicesAccording to the provisions of law no. 269 dated September 2003. Approximately 500 million (496.5%) of this is obtained from “gaming activities”, while 477.9 million (40%) is obtained from a single tax on games of skill and guessing competitions.

79.6 million fixed tax revenue from prediction competitions is also added to the articles you read. non-tax revenues Such as the withholding tax on lottery winnings, set at 6 percent and amounting to 572.7 million, as well as concession fees for the management of the telematics network, which brings additional revenue of 441.9 million euros in 2023.

What will change with the online restructuring?

After 2023 ends with the approval of the Council of Ministers online game reorderingThe year 2024, which has been expected for about fifteen years, seems to be a key year for the industry. A new structure with fewer operators is expected due to increased concession costs. at least maintain previous income levels.

Some balances still need to be written, because on the one hand it is possible for the Government to lift the total ban on gambling advertising, and on the other hand there are some balances. cash collecting areas It wants a share of the taxes applied to the devices. An important game will be played here, not in terms of the quantity of the contribution to the state, but in terms of its distribution.

The importance of gaming as a contribution to Finance will always be very high. For example, consider that the 6.8 billion, which is the main subject of this article, does not include other very important items considered “other non-tax income”. We’re talking about $7 billion in lottery revenue, but also 12.3 billion from national lotteries with instant removal.

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