Volleyball Super League 2023/2024: favorites and possible surprises

After the great disappointments of the Italian national teams, the 2023/24 season is opening for Italian men’s volleyball clubs. Perugia are aiming to return to success six years after last year’s surprise elimination.

Sir Safety Perugia favorites, but watch out for Piacenza and Trentino

Following Italy’s defeat in the men’s team at the pre-Olympic tournament in Rio de Janeiro, the 2023/24 Italian Super League is restarting, with coach Ferdinando De Giorgi only reaching the quarter-finals in the men’s team and qualifying for the 2024 Olympics still hanging in the balance. After last season’s defeat Sir Safety Perugia will try to make up for this in a championship where he started as a clear favourite.

In fact, in volleyball betting, SNAI* gives Perugia odds of 2.25. Andrea Anastasi came off the bench (left to Piacenza), one of the most successful Italian volleyball coaches, who still brought two trophies to Perugia’s board last season to lead the Umbrians. Angelo Lorenzetti arrived. The coach from the Marche region was the protagonist of Trentino Volley’s surprise winning streak last year. He will have a six on his hands that can count, among others, Simone Giannelli, a setter who worked with Lorenzetti at Trento, and then captain Wilfredo Leon, who is considered one of the best spikers in the world.

Favorite teams of Volleyball Super League 2023/24

Piacenza and Trento start a little behind, but we still need to pay attention, they are both sold for 4.50. You Energy performed intermittently in the regular season in the 2022/2023 season, achieving a barely adequate sixth place, but then became the protagonist of a play-off that brought them to the brink of the final, and this dream only ended once again in the fifth match. Trentino later graduated as champion. As we mentioned above, we are starting over as a coach. Anastasi, who was succeeded by Massimo Botti Victories in the Coppa Italia and a third-place finish were not enough to deserve re-approval.

Piacenza held a conservative transfer session, blocking all transfers and expanding their player squad experts Fabio Ricci and Robbert AndringaThe bet comes from Esmoriz GC, which strengthens the center and spiker departments respectively and complements the setter set of the Portuguese 2003 Dias.

The market for Trento’s reigning champions is much busier. Came from Latina to the bench. Fabio Soli after a less than exciting season He leads the Lazio team. The Trentino players acquired Rychlicki from Perugia to try to prove themselves and also brought home an excellent centre-back in Kozamernik, who won a bronze medal with Slovenia at the 2023 European Championships.

Others: Watch out for Civitanova and Powervolley Milano

Blengini, in his third season as coach of Lube Civitanova (odds 7.50), will look to restart from the generally positive 2022/2023 season. The fourth place in the regular season and only the 3-2 defeat against Trento in the final document the work of a player. The team that can disturb everyone In a long and difficult championship like the Italian Super League.

A new opponent came from the market: Adis Lagumdzija, a Bosnian who came to Marche from Modena and became a Turkish citizen. To rest, block confirmed with De Cecco as director, Zaytsev and Nikolov as opposites and spikers, and then Chinenyeze, Anzani and Balaso to complete the six. Milan, on the other hand, changed a lot and finished 12th in an attempt to prove that they were the loose cannon of the tournament.

Last year, coach Piazza’s sons, in their fifth season with the Lombard team, eliminated the regular season winner Perugia battleship in the first round, despite being in the play-offs, and reached the semi-finals, before losing the last one. In Latina only in fine wool. To continue The path to growth came from Trentino Volley He is a highly experienced player, as is Bulgarian spiker Matej Kaziyski, who is in his twenty-third year as a professional.

Petar Dirlic, acquired from Cisterna, will take on the opposite role of Patry, who left for Poland. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that Paolo Porro is a setter (again, nationally, he is expected to improve more as a player in 2001), Loser and Piano are the central players, and the other 2001 player, Damiano Catania, is also confirmed as a libero. location. Verona (25) did this A smart market after the fifth place The fact that the last championship took the Czech spiker Donovan Dzavoronok from Trento and brought the Iranian Amin Esmaeilnezhad to Italy: 2 meters 3 centimeters, showed a lot of good things in the national team, could be one of the biggest surprises of the 2023/2020 season. 2024 Super League.

Finally, Modena is a possible surprise on the 15th. The yellow-dark blue team, which finished third last year but just after the play-offs, wants to get back to trying to win something (the last success dates back to the Italian Super Cup, 2018-2019) and has worked to rebuild the leading group in the summer. There is 34-year-old Francesco Petrella on the bench. In his first job as coach After seven years as Lorenzetti’s deputy.

On the contrary, Maksim Sapozhkov came from Verona, Belarusian spiker Davyskiba from Monza and, above all, Osmany Juantorena. The Cuban, who was granted Italian citizenship, returns to Italy after his experience in Turkey and returns to Italy even though it is not his first time. still has the right to speak thanks to his personality and experience. So let’s meet on October 21 to see what you will give us. One of the most followed men’s volleyball championships in the world.

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