The best low-cost players to get in the FC 24 video game

Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode in EA Sports FC 24. But it can be difficult to build a good team without having a lot of money. Here are the best low-cost talents to field on a competitive team.

How to build a competitive team?

Let’s start with the basics: agreement. As with previous FIFA-branded versions, the deal parameter for EA Sports FC 24 can make the difference in building a good team without a proper budget. Players with the same nationality and in the same league contracted to the same clubThey will get along better with each other. Therefore, the first “secret” is to focus on players who have as much in common as possible between those just mentioned.

In addition, FC 24 has an innovation that should not be underestimated and could be decisive in creating a competitive squad: the possibility of relying on female football players in the Spanish, German and German leagues. France, England and the United States. The best actresses in the world can be deployed indefinitely In Ultimate Team mode, mixed teams can be created without any limitations in terms of features and techniques.

Best buys for FC 24

FC 24’s most interesting choice for the goalkeeper role, at least for those who prefer to focus on many Premier players, is Guglielmo Vicario. With a rating of 82 and a cost of 1000 credits, he is cheaper than Pickford and can be combined with many other Italian players who meet the same requirements in the English league. price/quality ratio featuresTherefore, it improves the comprehension factor.

For those focusing on Serie A instead, The obvious choice is Ivan Provedel’sWith 750 credits and 82 points, it is unrivaled in terms of technical features and price. Ann-Katrin Berger, who has 84 points among women, is quite interesting and costs around 2000 credits. The discussion becomes even more diverse and interesting when it comes to defenders.

Calabria’s 700 credits, combined with his 81 points, tips the scales in his favor when it comes to the right-back role in Serie A. The very popular Dumfries is certainly a great alternative, but it costs more than that. couple. Pedro Porro, with 850 and 81 pointsA quality choice for those focusing on the Premier League. Tottenham need to be followed overall because they are performing significantly better than expected in pre-season.

On the left there is room for Dimarco, who with 81 and 700 points offers solidity and many interesting solutions. Chelsea’s Chilwell also did well with 81 and 600 and Atletico Madrid’s Galan also did well with 82 and 700. Here is the suggestion for those who aim higher: See Bundesliga and exactly to Grimaldo from Bayer Leverkusen. The 2400-credit, 84-point Spaniard is a good shot who provides quality and coverage.

In the centre, the most functional players for a high-quality but low-cost defensive department are, from our perspective, Roma’s relentless centre-back Gianluca Mancini (800, 83) and Jonathan Tah, (750, 81), from Bayer Leverkusen. They may not be the strongest centre-backs in Europe, but they guarantee safety and performance. If we want to increase the budget a little, You can bet on Arsenal’s Gabriel (1800, 84) or Roma’s Chris Smalling (1800, 84): also note the added value of the deal by pairing him with Mancini in the latter case.

Midfield and attack: Locatelli, Almiron and Morata are the hottest names

Among defensive midfielders, Manuel Locatelli is the most calibrated name. It guarantees performance and growth opportunities with 700 and 82 points. Among the women, look out for Arsenal’s Lia Walti. The 30-year-old Switzerland captain costs 1200 credits and has a rating of 82. she is always a woman, especially Erin Cuthbert, one of the most functional options for the pure midfielder role. The 25-year-old Scottish girl from Chelsea costs 900 credits and is guaranteed to score 83 points.

But for the attacking midfielders it is again Roma, Lorenzo Pellegrini is a great mover with 1300 points on 83 points and combines power with quality. Julian Brandt of Germany’s Borussia Dortmund: 1700 and 84 for the former wunderkind of German football. Name for those looking for a super low cost shot: Muniain from Athletic BilbaoIt was listed at 700 and with 81 points. Kai Havertz is also interesting with 82 points for 900 points.

With 550 points and 81 points on the left offensive wing, Fiorentina’s Nico Gonzalez guarantees great pace. Likewise, Jadon Sancho, who was unlucky at United, remains a good player for FC 24, especially with 550 points and 82 points. On the other wing, the best option is Miguel Almiron from Newcastle with 700 points and 82 points. 81 is a complete player at every stage. Alternatives I’m Zaniolo on the same level (800, 80) and Kulusevsky (800, 81).

Finally, up front, Atletico’s Alvaro Morata seems the obvious choice. A complete player that can be purchased for 950 (rating 83). For those who want to spend even less, there is former Udinese player Beto Betuncal (81, 700). faster but less technicalor Schick from Leverkusen (850, 83). The absolute top among women is Alessia Russo (1600, 84), a 24-year-old Englishwoman of full Italian descent.

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