Live Poker | Casino Baden: Deal was announced as a Halloween Freezeout Special

With the €200 + €30 Halloween Freezeout Special you start on October 31st and January 31st at Casino Baden.

For the buy-in of €200 + 30 there were 40,000 chips (+ 20% gold bonus/ + 10% early bird), the blinds take place at 20 minutes. 73 players started (65 Gold/67 Early) and thus ensured €14,600 in the pot.

There is a deal at Bubble, from Yavor Yanov to Bubble Boy up to €250 free. The winner would have received €4,060, but the final three agreed a deal. Miroslav Lisner can look forward to €2,770, Jozef Stern bought €2,765 for second place and is also available for Sascha Savic in third place.

In the cash game we manage 1/3 played NLH, in the Halloween specials with jewels from Gerald B. and Robert P. €250 for the high hand and for the bad beat of the evening sold.

Tonight at 5 p.m (Attention, error in the plan) now it’s 200 € + 30 Holy Bounty (30k/20′) and now the CAPT Baden 2023 starts in three days. The same poker action is now again in Casino Baden, where you can find information about the complete program your under

rank First name Surname Prize money Act
1 Miroslav Lisner €4,060 €2,770
2 Joseph star €2,620 €2,765
3 Sasha Savic €1,870 €2,765
4 Joshu Ranner €1,400
5 Ronela Trusu €1,040
6 Dieter Frank 830€
7 Franz Swingers 700€
8th Gerhard Buck 600€
9 John Weber 530€
10 Martin Mihalits 475€
11 Walter bay window 475€
12 Yavor Yankov €0 250€

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