The doping problem in eSports and the strange Luca Zanasca case

It would seem that doping should have nothing to do with eSports because these are virtual disciplines and competitions played from a computer. However, this is not the case, there is even talk of alarm.

Doping alert in eSports: what does it mean

doping in eSports

This is one of those issues that we tend to ignore or take for granted, but which can suddenly become a source of anxiety and strong concern, especially for parents. Let’s talk about doping phenomenon This is also becoming increasingly common in eSports. Obviously, we are not talking about the same doping that exists in traditional sports, but perhaps something even more alarming.

These are always drugs, but they do not serve to increase muscle mass or make the blood more fluid, but they do help (illegal and certainly dangerous). keep your concentration high and make it last longer during long online gaming sessions. Even while sitting on an ergonomic PC chair, players participating in eSports competitions are exposed to strong and prolonged stress.

In fact, ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) has been revealing this for a while now Drugs that are too common and dangerous are banned such as Adderall. It is a cognitive stimulant used to combat hyperactivity and attention deficit syndrome (ADHD), which is very common among American college students and is already known for many related cases of addiction.

The most common substances and the Zanasca case

The problem with drugs like Adderall is also Provigil, Nuvigil, Ritalin and others yet this is not just a direct side effect of habit. Unfortunately, children who develop addictions to these drugs then turn to other things, real drugs, with devastating consequences for themselves and their families. Also, the eSports world is struggling for this reason. so-called “smart drugs”.

Moreover, this issue risks undermining the path of legitimization that the eSports industry has been following for some time, to see top-level athletes recognized for their professional status and even included in Olympic disciplines. In this context, we recently experienced the first case in Italy. Doping, which we can define as “cross”.

This is a virtual cyclist from Varese, forty-year-old Luca Zanasca, who competes on the Zwift platform, thus placing 57th in the 2023 Esports World Championship. Zanasca is also a former track cyclist and continues to compete in Mountain Biking. Appeared in out-of-competition control positive for stanozololIt is a synthetic anabolic steroid. Triggered TNA’s precautionary suspension, which includes eSports.

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