The Italy of the gaming industry is ready for a hot summer of reform

The public gaming industry in Italy is in fibrillation, as the summer that has just begun may be the right time to approve the restructuring of the gaming industry, which has been delayed several times in recent years but can no longer be postponed.

Gaming industry: Big reform summer?

Restructuring the gaming industry: is it the right summer?

The atmosphere around the Italian public gaming industry is bubbly. Since the Meloni government was sworn in in the Assembly, it was anticipated that the new executive would try to speed up the time for this. restructuring of the gaming industry spoken for at least 15 years but always postponed for one reason or another.

However, deferment is no longer possible, as the government desperately needs tax revenue from public games, as its predecessors had and those who followed it would receive. Changing conditions and sensitivities in society, together with the technological innovation it requires increasingly updated regulationsAnother powerful reason for something Meloni has already started.

There Tax Reform LawIt was presented last April, covering the main foundations for reforming the gaming industry. The MEF is reviewing the amendments submitted and parliamentary debate has been postponed due to the death of former Prime Minister Berlusconi, but the process is expected to be completed by August and so if the green light comes from Parliament, the law would be a reality.

What should we expect from industry restructuring?

The government’s line was said to be markedly discontinuous with a certain hostility towards the industry by the M5S component of previous executives. However, it should be noted that although The punitive excesses of the Decree of HonorGreater sensitivity to problem gambling prevention is now shared and irreversible.

Having said that, the game is mostly played around taxes. Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and his MEF will have to lay their hands financial discipline of games to update, harmonize between various regions and ensure sustainability. The strategy adopted by the government, more inclusive financial modelPassed through the participation of the Unified Conference.

the idea is to include regions and local authorities Within the framework of the tax revenues of the sector, including some of the administrative fines arising from the control of the region. The industry is waiting: While there is full confidence in Lottomatica CEO Guglielmo Angelozzi, the chairman of Astro Massimiliano Pucci wants investments to be protected and certainties given to the industry.

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