AGIC was born to represent the gaming industry of the future

The legal public gaming sector in Italy has a new reference association. Lottomatica, whose name is AGIC, brings together 4 big names such as IGT, Sisal and Snaitech and aims to establish a productive dialogue with institutions.

AGIC was born to give voice to gaming license holders

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AGIC brings together 4 big names of the Italian public gaming industry

They say unity is strength. But when 4 people who are already strong come together, then the union probably creates “extra strength”. We’ll find out in the near future, but AGIC’s facilities say we’re probably facing a profitable situation lobbying activities. We are used to understanding the term lobby in a derogatory sense, but this is not the case.

Lobbying occurs when a group of subjects with the same interests take action to protect them, and there is nothing bad or wrong in all this. Actually, I Founding members of AGIC We are the 4 main players in the Italian public gaming market, this can be a growth factor for the sector itself.

AGIC, the abbreviation stands for: Privileged Games and Entertainment Associationbrings together four big names of the Italian gaming industry such as International Gaming Technology (IGT), Lottomatica, Sisal Italia and Snaitech. We are talking about four organizations that together represent approximately 70% of the Italian legal gaming market. Together, the 4 groups employ 6,600 people and have a total network of 70,000 sales points.

Because AGIC is almost a mandatory path

You’ve probably read about it recently, and in any case, you can already understand it by hearing it. possible prices of new concessions for online games this figure is almost certainly greater than €250,000 7 million euros. The more or less clear intention of the Meloni Government is therefore to maintain almost unchanged the levels of tax revenue from the public gaming sector, but in a different scenario.

In fact, we will have to forget about the current scenario where there are more than 80 gaming franchisees. The executive, and more generally politics and the Customs and Monopoly Authority, the institution responsible for managing this sector, wants to decisively reduce the number of dealers to a maximum of 15-20, and perhaps even lower. In other words, the future of gaming in Italy there will probably be an oligopoly.

With these premises, the decision by four major organizations covering more than two-thirds of the market share to come together and engage in dialogue with politicians and institutions should be welcomed, or at least welcomed with confidence. Moreover, since its establishment AGIC joins national ConfindustriaIt aims to guarantee concrete and professional representation of the sector in the name of legality, security and responsibility.

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