Women work with the state in the fight against gambling addiction and illegality

The Donne in Gioco Committee, which brings together entrepreneurs and people working at various levels in the Italian legal public gambling sector, stands by the State in the fight against gambling addiction and illegality.

Women in Gaming: On the front lines for legality

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Donne’s support in Gioco

Among our misperceptions of legal public games in Italy is the idea that it is an all-male world. Instead of approximately 28 thousand people employed at various levels in this sector, 46% are women. For this reason, the cry of the Women in the Game Committee points to a very important point.

In the document published on its social and media channels, the committee describes itself as consisting of women, entrepreneurs and workers in a nearly global industry. 36 thousand people attended. Since most of the members of this association are in direct contact with customers at various betting centers and other retail outlets, they have a special sensitivity to many burning issues.

We talk about issues such as local security, the dangers of criminal infiltration and protecting the most vulnerable. In its document, Donne in Gioco Committee claims a role in the “trenches”, often carrying the burden of dealing with cases of addiction or pathological gambling. Perhaps women themselves sometimes witness the spread of a disease.Illegality that moves 26 billion euros a year.

Passion and civic conscience: women in gaming

This is not the first time the Women’s Committee has made its voice heard in the game. In other cases, for example during covid periodThey were the ones demonstrating for the survival of the legal sector in Italy. However, this time we are talking about a document that contains concrete recommendations on two basic issues: combating pathological gambling and widespread illegality.

The first recommendation, announced by Antonia Campanella, president of the Women’s Gaming Committee, is to support institutions with training courses and customer support. In particular, CDIG offers: incoming and outgoing training, not just for operators in the industry. Training is also provided to employees of public institutions, the Ministry of Health or third sector organizations dealing with pathological gambling.

On the other hand, women with CDIG recommend: some kind of agreement with institutions, on the one hand, demands to invest in legal gaming culture, and on the other hand, calls itself to persuasion and awareness-raising actions about the dangers of illegal gambling. However, to do this the Committee believes that the witch hunt must be ended and the interests of the industry and women in protecting their clients must be taken into account.

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