As long as the king of boxing resists

The British heavyweight’s career appeared to be over time and time again. But with his stubbornness, strength and a touch of madness, the Gypsy King always managed to come out on top and show the world his extraordinary talent.

Who is Tyson Fury: the story between boxing and reality

At one point it looked like Tyson Fury’s undefeated record might come to an end on October 28 in Riyadh. According to many people, Cameroonian Francic Ngonnou is actually making his debut in professional boxing. He deserved to win the fight against FuryHe returns to the ring a year after his meeting with Derek Chisora ​​in October 2022 (won by technical knockout in the tenth round).

However, amid great controversy, the judges decided differently: Gained victory for Fury on pointsOne referee against two referees and Ngonnou’s vicious hook sending Fury to the mat in the third round was of no help.

gloves in the ring

Is Tyson Fury at the end of his career?

Despite the victory brought Fury’s stats of 34 wins in 35 fightsThe fight in Riyadh, which drew and therefore left him undefeated, made us perceive, perhaps for the first time, so strongly that the time of the boxer from Manchester was now almost up. In fact, very few people could have imagined that a kid making his first appearance in the ring, even though he was a UFC champion, could put the absolute ruler of heavyweight boxing of the last decade in such a difficult situation.

To rekindle this feeling Fury could end his careerThis is the summary of their last meeting, if not now, then at the end of 2024. Fights against Francis Ngannou, Dereck Chisora ​​and Dillian Whyte are actually not rated highly by most pundits, allowing Fury to mask ailments caused by age and, above all, lack of true competitive hunger.

Fury, who has amassed a total of at least €350 million over the course of his career, appears to no longer have the ability to train, which is essential in a discipline like boxing and requires complete dedication to build a decent career. athletic form Therefore the public roadmap prepared by the Fury clan should provide: at least five more meetings before retirementIt looks pretty vague right now.

Definitely, Fury has already postponed the fight twice WBA, WBO and IBF champion with Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk. The two were first supposed to meet in December (postponed due to organizational and bureaucratic issues) and then on February 17. eye injuryThis match, in which the British champion apparently struggled to recover, nevertheless changed the cards on the table: the match that prevented Fury from thinking further will be played next May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

After the meeting with Usyk, if a fight actually happens, there will be a real possibility of the continuation of Fury’s career. Usyk is actually the first “real” boxer the Gypsy King will meet in the last two years. probably less talented boxer than the EnglishmanHe has limited firepower, but a frustrating and sustained jab that has allowed him to establish a major respected name in boxing.

Tyson Fury’s retirement, desire to finish undefeated

Fury’s team would plan for the Roman boxer to have two fights with Usyk, two fights with Joshua, then two fights with Joshua. Rematch with Ngannou. A very ambitious plan that is truly unrealistic considering the tempo the British have been struggling with to date. When we look at the last five years, we have to go back to 2019 to find a year in which Fury appeared in the ring more than once in twelve months.

In short, Fury has recently fought opponents who are underweight or have little experience. So imagine if you could actually do it continue boxing for another two or three years This is really difficult, considering also the grants that the talks with Ngannou and Usyk (if they eventually take place) will guarantee him: over 100 million euros in total.

Frank Warren, the organizer of the fight between Fury and Usyk, has no doubts about this. will take place at the end of the meeting. However optimistic, insiders continue to think Fury may pull out at the last minute, this time for good, so as not to jeopardize his undefeated legacy.

Of course, the huge media debate that has arisen over the British champion’s prospects in recent months shows how Fury is the last real character. A sport where fans and consensus are greatly diminished. Watch out, because if Fury eventually decides to enter that ring to challenge Usyk, you can be sure he’ll be fighting for victory until the final round, until the final bell rings.

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