Historical turning point with the first debate in the Parliament

Thanks to long work carried out “together” with the Italian Esports Observatory OIES, competitive video games have become the subject of parliamentary debate in Italy for the first time in their history. Let’s see how it goes.

The first historic parliamentary debate on e-Sports

Esports players and Italian flag

E-Sports is the subject of parliamentary debate.

Until a few years ago, it was unthinkable that eSports or competitive video games and the industry’s issues would be discussed in the House of Representatives. Instead, it actually happened last February 21st, and that’s thanks to the tireless work of OIES. Italian Esports Observatoryand the cooperation of some MPs, especially the esteemed Antonio Caso and Valentina Barzotti of the 5 Star Movement.

In recent months, other historic steps, such as its presentation, have been taken. White Paper on e-Sports in ItalyThe proposal, also supported by OIES, represents the first example of “bottom-up” proposals from operators and professionals in the sector. Based on this document, a decision was submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Labor and Culture, allowing the opening of the debate.

The discipline of eSports was and still is on the table in Italy, because it is still a long journey. Classification of actor professional figuresthe fight against bullying and discrimination, a number of financial support measures, a proposal to expand some form of gaming education in schools, the establishment of a games commission to promote video games as an art form.

Politics and bipartisan support for eSports

The good work carried out by the OIES and its president Luigi Caputo in recent years is evidenced by various signals, especially the ability to establish good relations with various components of the parliamentary spectrum. If the two M5S MPs mentioned are among the top supporters, there are “friends” of eSports even in the ranks of the current majority, then League with Senator Lucia Borgonzoni.

Being able to benefit from the support of different political parties is an essential tool towards legitimizing and consolidating eSports in Italy, among other side activities. One of the most important partnerships with sports institutions. Recently, it also participated in eSerie A. The return of eSerie CHe is strongly supported by the president of Lega Pro Matteo Marani.

OIES founder Luigi Caputo said he was particularly excited about the first eSports parliamentary debate in history because having the right interlocutors means greater possibilities to improve the entire industry and make it both profitable, sustainable and inclusive. Real eSports disciplinetherefore it may soon have its definitive form.

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