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The seventy-seventh Strega Prize, which was established in 1947 by Maria Bellonci and Guido Alberti and became an important reference point for the Italian literary movement, will find its owners on 6 July.

Strega Prize 2023: odds and finalists

Strega Prize 2023: favorites and odds

The halls of the Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum in Rome are once again ready to host the prestigious Strega Prize. Founded in 1947 by the writer Maria Bellonci and the owner of the Strega liqueur, which immediately gave its name to the award, Guido Alberti, This acceptance has pleased very important writers over the years. Such as Pavese, Flaiano, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Moravia, Alvaro, Maraini, Buzzati and Eco.

Voting took place last month among the 12 semi-finalist books. five finalists: Rosella Postorino “I limited to loving you” (Feltrinelli), Ada D’Adamo “Come d’aria” (Elliot), Maria Grazia Calandrone “Where you didn’t bring me” (Einaudi), Andrea Canobbio “Night Pass” (La nave di Teseo) and Romana Petri with “Stealing the Night” (Mondadori).

According to Eurobet’s* expert quoters, he is from Calabria. Number one favorite for success Rosella PostorinoWith 1.95 odds. But Ada D’Adamo, who died last spring, is very close in the ratings with 2.15. The “third wheel” role is given by Maria Grazia Calandrone in this case, at 3.75, while Andrea Canobbio (11) and Romana Petri (16) are close.

Because D’Adamo could do it.

As we mentioned before, Ada D’Adamo is unfortunately among the 5 finalists of the 2023 Strega Award. died last april after a long illness. His “Come d’aria” a touching and autobiographical journey as the mother of a girl born with severe brain malformations, as well as the author’s experience with the illness she contracted. As the days passed, its share decreased.

However, if there were, this would not have happened First posthumous success at Premio Strega. The most striking example was that of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, whose work titled “Gattopardo” was released posthumously and won the award two years after the author’s death. It also happened to Maria Bellonci in 1986, the last similar example was that of Mariateresa Di bagna in 1995.

However, the favorite remains Rosella Postorino of Reggio, who, along with D’Adamo, is the only person to serve regularly in the US. 20 best selling books in Italy. Note Calandrone’s autobiographical novel about parental abandonment, which may come as a surprise. The texts of Andrea Canobbio and Romana Petri appear further back, with Romana Petri being a finalist for the third time.

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