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This year, as every year, the Customs and Monopoly Authority publishes the book it calls the Blue Book, which summarizes the activities, data and preferences in the sector. Remote gaming In 2022, Italians loved online betting and casinos.

Blue Book 2022: Italians’ online preferences

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ADM Blue Book: online gaming data

Traditionally, in the first days of January, the ADM Customs and Monopoly Authority Blue Book, which contains data on the gaming industry, is published. In this situation Blue Book 2022Data updated to May 22, 2023. Overall, the sector is completely healthy, generating €11.22 billion in tax revenue, up 33.4%.

Today we analyze the performance of the online game. The volume of the games was 73.07 billion Euros, the earnings were 69.19 billion Euros, and the actual expenditure was 3.87 billion Euros. One of the most interesting aspects is the preferred game types. It’s not surprising to learn that 23.74% of online game users They showed that they prefer sports betting.

So called “Sports-based game” became the favorite of approximately 2.68 million people users. In second place are remote skill games, in other words skill games, with 1.96 million users, accounting for 17.32% of the total. In third place is “card games other than tournaments and fixed odds games of chance” with 13.62%.

New online gaming trends of 2024

Data included in the report that everyone can refer to on ADM’s websiteIt is useful both to evaluate how things went in the past and to try to understand what the trends of the future might be. But the starting point is the continuous growth of the remote gaming industry, the collection of which is recorded in 2022. 8.78% increase.

In this case, the increase is largely strong Growth of “additive digital games” (+94.53%)Its prince is Superenalotto. Online gaming in this segment grew from €54.62 million in 2021 to €106.24 million in 2022. The increase in the “Lotteries” segment tells a similar story, with an increase of 20.89%.

Interesting The growth of the Betting ExchangeIt increased from €2.23 billion played in 2021 to €2.67 billion in 2022, an increase of +19.68%. The lion’s share always goes to “Card games organized in a form other than tournaments and fixed-odds games of chance”, a category that includes online casino games such as slots and recorded a collection of €53.3 billion (+13.5%). .

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