Players with the most fouls ever

For a football player, “seeing red” is synonymous with a negative event. It means you hit your opponent too hard and it’s time to leave the field and go to the shower. So, who are the players with the red card record in Serie A? Here are the names who received the most fouls in the championship.

Players with the most red cards: none like Montero

Referee with red card, Serie A logo

Player with the most red cards: Montero’s record

It is known that in a football match, especially when important points are at stake or a match like a derby, competitive hunger can kick in and cause people to make choices or actions that they would not likely take in cold blood. Completed. . In most cases this results in the referee blowing the whistle. takes out a card and sends the athlete back into the tunnel.

From lethal entry, to fouls on a man in the net, to swearing at the referee: there are many ways to be sent off the field and receive a straight red card. Paolo Montero, Juventus’ former Uruguayan defender and career good tackler, knows this very well. 16 red cardsHe still holds the record for the most dismissed players in Serie A.

Montero had earned the nickname Pigna in “respect” for his shooting. The most famous of these is the punch thrown at Inter player Di Biagio during the Inter-Juve match. Result: Check with TV test and make 3 rounds of disqualification for black and white. Since then, Monterism has set a precedent, but it must be said that no one has yet surpassed the master because he still holds the lead. Record number of red cards in Serie A.

From Muntari to Totti: Players with the most red cards

If Montero’s record of the player with the most red cards could be imagined, there were athletes in this particular ranking that we would perhaps never have expected. 12 exports we find the aforementioned Gigi Di Biagio, Giulio Falcone, Cristian Ledesma, Giampiero Pinzi and Sulley Muntari.

Maybe he made history with the unsanctioned goal he scored in the unforgettable Milan-Juventus match, but he had no shortage of cards in the 12 years he spent in Italy. The most discussed is the red coming to Cagliari – Pescara. Muntari decided to leave the camp voluntarily afterwards To the racist chants coming from the Sardinian curve. The referee first warned him for objecting, then gave him a second yellow card when he saw that he was going out.

Former teammate of the Ghanaian football player He’s not doing well with dismissals in Serie A Massimo Ambrosini. The Rossoneri midfielder has “stalled” in the starting XI but is in good company. With the same number of dismissals we see Beppe Bergomi, Giuseppe Biava, Couto, Felipe, Giorgio Ferrarini, Daniele Conti and captain Francesco Totti. In short, there were plenty of good feet who didn’t think twice about being a little more decisive when it came to stopping their opponent.

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