The Sharks were eliminated in the derby against Borgomanero

Eliminated in Serie B interregional Novara derby. The Sharks, who were in the hunt from the first quarter onwards, come back into contact in the second quarter, only to put a strain on the opposing team. Mattia Temporali is missing from the Red-Whites’ ranks due to an injury he sustained in the game against Derthona. However, the derby marks the return of Francesco Introini to the playing field after he tore his cruciate ligament in May 2023.

On the field for College Trucchetti, Pettinaroli, Ferrari, Zanetti and Benzoni; for the Sharks Ianelli, Perez, Sablich, Jovanovic and Colombo. Perez and Jovanovic are the first to inaugurate the Tufts (0-4), College also hits the mark and Sablich scores 4-8; Ferrari gives his team a five-point lead and the score is 19:10, leading to Nalon calling the break. Perez supplies his teammates with oxygen from the line (21-14). The first final is 27-20. The Sharks hold on and a triple from Pilotti makes the gap very narrow (38-34 and a break from Di Cerbo). Telesca goes up 40-36 in traffic, but College responds with a 13-3 run that makes it 53-39 and a break for Nalon. At halftime the scoreboard reads 55-42.

The second half was an uphill battle for the Sharks as they struggled not to increase the deficit; Jovanovic scores 57-44, College takes advantage of the red and white’s blackouts and increases the pace to 77-51 in the thirtieth minute. It took four minutes to break Oleggio’s fast and Pilotti took care of it as the scoreboard read 86-53; However, the fourth game is a home game and the final goes to the home team: 96-71.

Borgomanero University 96
Oleggio Magic Basket 71

Parties (27-20; 28-22; 22-9; 19-20)

University: Trucchetti 5, Pettinaroli 12, Benzoni 22, Ferrari 28, Fedorenko 2, D’Amelio, Zanetti 8, Bazan 4, Broggine, Pillastrini 15. Coach Di Cerbo.?

Oleggio: Perez 10, Boldrini, Maviglia ne, Telesca 4, Pilotti 5, Sampieri 7, Borsani 7, Introini ne, Sablich 18, Colombo 5, Jovanovic 14, Ianelli 1. Coach Nalon.

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