Record growth with Snaitech, innovation and sustainability

On the occasion of the fifth Snaitech Sustainability Week, the 2022 Snaitech Sustainability Report has been approved, which includes the Italian gaming giant’s record results and all its futuristic vision.

Snaitech: 2022 Sustainability Report approved

Snaitech 2022 Sustainability Report

Sometimes terms like “innovation” and “sustainability” run the risk of being empty statements or dead letters, but when numbers show that record company numbers were generated through them, it’s time to take a closer look at the business model in question. Needless to say, this is Snaitech’s case and its 2022 Sustainability Report.

The event was held for the fifth time. Snaitech Sustainability Week, held last 19 – 23 June. An entire week dedicated to communication, information and discussion about ethical values ​​and principles by the Italian gaming giant, as well as the sustainability path that the company has undertaken for some time in the legal playground. That’s why we come to the numbers that make sense.

THEM Company revenues increased by 54% (€900.4 million), EBITDA increased by 39% compared to the previous year. Company numbers are supported by online results, with the threshold of 650,000 active accounts exceeded (+11%) and online Gross Gaming Revenue increased by 5.4% (from 384 to 405 million) in 2022. The economic part is record breaking, but the focus is on how to get there.

The game of the future: sustainable growth

The results you just read, a global strategy It is very sophisticated based on 4 factors that Snaitech CEO Fabio Schiavolin is particularly proud of: the regulated market, innovation, sustainability and people. Speaking of the latter, we can’t help but think of Snaitech’s support for Special Olympics Italy.

Alex Capponi, one of 4 athletes “adopted” thanks to the initiative of the iZilove Foundation, world gold medal in futsal Italy won the World Special Olympics. A big joy for the Snaitech volunteers in Berlin who are part of a special group 1936 training hours on diversity and inclusion.

That says the Sustainability Report and much more. For example, legality with 1,450 hours of training on legal and responsible gaming. It’s no coincidence that his company took it. G4 International Certification about the online game. Finally, the Second Tier Company Addendum, which puts more people and new needs at the center than ever before.

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