Serie A top scorer record: bombers in history

Our championship has become one of the most popular and followed championships thanks to the great Italian and foreign forwards who lead their teams to victory with goals. So who are the record holders for top scorers in Serie A? Here is the updated ranking.

Piola and Serie A’s goalscoring record are still unbeaten

The best Serie A goalscorers of all time

There are various roles in football, but the most popular ones are undoubtedly attackers. The explanation is simple: thanks to goals, you win matches and enter the hearts of the fans. We have met many in Serie A from the 1930s to today, some more memorable than others but if we looked at the numbers there would be no doubt as to who had it. Record as Serie A’s top scorer.

He retired from football in 1954, but since then no one has broken the goalscoring record in Serie A. Silvio Piola: 274 in 537 matches. The closest one was Francesco Totti, who shed light on his team and the national team. Pupone is on the second step of the podium with 250 goals.

In the third row we find: The first foreign striker to score more goals in Serie AGunnar Nordahl, Milan’s unforgettable Swedish striker in the 1950s. The others that follow are a mix of veteran guards and contemporary champions. This is me.

How many goals from Piola to Gilardino in Serie A?

In this ranking, we will reveal the top 10 positions of the record holders. All-time top scorer in Serie A. Whether you were born in the 1950s or the 2000s, you will definitely know the names of these bombers because they are the football players who left their mark on the history of this sport. I’m a little curious: One of them is still active and can increase his score even more.

10 – Gilardino, Del Piero and Signori

In 10th place we see a tie between the 3 great players of Italian football: Beppe Signori, Alberto Gilardino and Alex Del Piero. All 3 have 188 goals He scored but don’t forget the other two, Del Piero’s is a double record, considering these goals were only scored while playing for Juventus. During Gilardino’s long career, he wore 8 jerseys of Italian teams; The 4 Signori, Lazio and Bologna jerseys are undoubtedly the most sincere.

9 – Kurt Hamrin

Let’s take a step back into the past because in ninth place is another Swedish striker, Kurt Hamrin, who found a way to leave his mark on our championship. In addition to the Fiorentina flag, he also plays for Juve, Padova, Milan and Napoli. Hamrin reached 191 goals in Serie A but he never won the top scorer title; He would receive this title when he returned to Sweden at the end of his career.

8 – Ciro Is Still

King Ciro has reached 197 goals in Serie A, but since he is still a Lazio striker, this record can soon be improved and thus reach the champion who is superior to him, which we will tell you about in a moment. But Immobile is not alone in this ranking of targets: it ranks first. Record for player scoring most goals in a season in Serie A: Scored 36 goals in the 2019/20 season, equaling Higuain’s record in 2015/16.

7 – Roberto Baggio

We exceeded 200 goals with Divine Codino: 205 in 452 matches. There are six teams where the attacker contributed with goals: Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Bologna, Inter and Brescia. Baggio is also one of the best strikers in the blue jersey, scoring 27 goals in 56 matches.

6-Antonio Di Natale

Antonio “Totò” Di Natale has been the reference point of Udinese’s attack for years. The Neapolitan striker is considered one of the best of his generation and won the title in 2 consecutive seasons (2009/10 – 2010/11). Serie A top scorer rankings.

5 – José Altafini

Many people will know him as a sports commentator, but José Altafini was also a great striker between the 50s and 70s. There are 216 goals signed by him120 of these were made in Milan jersey. He later transferred to Napoli and Juventus and ended his career at Mendrisiostar.

4 – Giuseppe Meazza

If they manage to name one of the most important stadiums in Italy after you, there is no doubt that he is a great football player. According to some industry experts, Giuseppe “Peppino” Meazza was the best Italian football player of all time. He started his career at Inter, then known as Ambrosiana-Inter, in 1927, where he scored 240 goals. He ended his career exactly 20 years later, returned to Inter and achieved great success in total. 216 goals in 367 matches.

3 – Gunnar Nordahl

As expected, the top 3 of Serie A’s top scorers is Swedish Gunnar Nordahl, AC Milan’s best player of the 1950s. He had 225 goals in total, but the more important figure was his personal record. His name has been mentioned for 66 years Record for goals in a single Serie A season: 35. The record was surpassed by Higuain (36) in the 2015/16 season and Ciro Immobile in the 2019/20 season.

2-Francesco Totti

We don’t think Francesco Totti needs much introduction. The captain was one of the last flags to quit football. He retired in 2017 Moving ceremony at OlimpicoAfter playing all 619 matches for Roma scored 250 goals.

1 – Silvio Piola

Silvio Piola’s record has stood for 69 years, and given that Serie A now lacks great flags and great forwards, it is likely that no one else will ever match it. The striker from Pavia started his career in Pro Vercelli in 1930, then played for Lazio, Torino and Juve, ending his career in Novara in 1954. 537 matches played and 274 goals. Even though his is not the highest goal difference (0.51), his name is etched in the history of this sport and always will be.

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