The best Italian football players of all time

Carolina Morace is perhaps still today the most famous Italian football player ever. Before her there was the legendary Betty Vignoto, the true pioneer of women’s football in Italy, and there are many more to come. Here are the best Italian football players in history.

Italian football players: The first was Elisabetta Vignotti

Women’s football is growing in Italy. It’s slow but growing. In 2011, there were approximately 10 thousand girls registered in a football club in Italy, in 2020 before the outbreak of the pandemic this figure exceeded thirty thousand, while by the end of 2022 the figures say that we have reached thirty-six. A thousand female football players in Italy. In less than 15 years, Growth is over 90 percent.

The movement may grow, especially in terms of collective following. Federation figures tell the story 10.6 million women’s football fans In our country, it is estimated that the number of fans will exceed 20 million in the next 10 years. In the same period, the commercial weight of women’s football is expected to increase from 6.5 million euros today to 46 million euros in 2033. football: players.

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The strongest Italian football players ever

Of course, Elisabetta “Betty” Vignoto, who contributed to the creation of women’s football in Italy, could not have imagined such a strong explosion of interest. The girl from San Donà di Piave, now a lady, is considered one of them The true pioneer of women’s football He is Italian and today he is one of the Italian national team’s all-time top scorers, scoring 107 goals in 109 matches. Vignotti, who remained as a coach in the football world after his retirement, became president and Brand ambassador for US Sassuolo women.

Another great hero of Italian women’s football is undoubtedly Carolina Morace. Apart from Morace’s many records as a football player, he also First female coach of a men’s team: It was Luciano Gaucci who chose him to manage Viterbese in the summer of 1999.

The great Carolina Morace ended her career with the Italian national team with 105 goals in 153 matches and was among the best in 2019. legends of world football from the international Golden Foot award. Thanks to her various experiences as a sports commentator on famous television programs, she undoubtedly remains the most recognizable face of women’s football in Italy today. She is currently the manager of the London City Lionesses, who play in the second tier of English women’s football.

Another important name when talking about the legends of Italian football is Patrizia Panico, who in the cosmogony of great Italian footballers somehow took over from Carolina Morace, whose heir he has long been considered. Fourteen-time top scorer In Serie A, with nearly six hundred goals scored in nearly five hundred appearances in Italian football’s Hall of Fame since 2015, Patrizia Panico holds the record for both 214 appearances and 110 goals for the national team.

Panic broke out after the withdrawal a talented coach After being in the ranks of the federation for four years, becoming, among other things, the first woman to lead the men’s national team, in particular the Under-15 National Team, today she is on the bench of the Fiorentina women’s team.

New generations that are already making their mark

Thirty-two-year-old striker Barbara Bonansea of ​​Pinerolo, Juventus’ striker and reference point, with whom she scored her first goal in history since 2017, is already here today. one of the legends of national football. Inducted into the 2022 Italian Football Hall of Fame, Bonansea became the first Italian footballer to be named in the top 11 of FIFPro’s best women’s players of the year and was awarded the award in early 2023 for her behavior on and off the field.

Cristiana Girelli is another one of the football players who has already taken a place in our football history and is still active. Juventus’ female forward and playmaker already has the following awards: The best football player of the year in Italy in 2020 and 2021 He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2022. He was also awarded the top scorer award of the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons and played in 109 matches with the Italian national team and scored 54 goals.

Finally, Sara Gama deserves to be rememberedShe is the first Italian in our football’s Hall of Fame to play in the Champions League final since 2019, and the first woman in history to be elected as vice-president of the Italian Footballers’ Association in November 2020.

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