The history of the doll phenomenon from Silvio Piola to Francesco Camarda

In just 14 days, Francesco Camarda became the youngest player to make his debut in the history of Italian Serie A football. Let’s see who the other baby influencers of the past are and what kind of careers they have.

Francesco Camarda, the last of the baby phenomena

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Francesco Camarda, the last of the baby phenomena

The record was in the air because Milan was struggling with injuries, especially in those days. Thus, Jovic entered the game instead of Luka in the 83rd minute of the Milan-Fiorentina match. Francesco Camarda, 15 years 260 days. The boy, born and raised in Milan by Sicilian parents (from San Cataldo in the province of Caltanissetta), thus becomes the youngest player to make his debut in the history of Serie A.

Camarda surpassed the previous record Wisdom Amey, Italian of Togolese descent The late Sinisa Mihajlovic made his debut on May 12, 2021 and coached him for Bologna in the last match of the championship against Genoa. Amey was 15 years and 274 days old and only two weeks older than Camarda. And Amey, who is still at Bologna today but plays in Primavera, narrowly beat Pietro Pellegri.

The latter equaled the record that stood for almost 80 years, set by Amedeo Amadei, who came onto the field in the Torino-Genoa match on 22 December 2016. Later, Pellegri wore the red-blue jersey and today he is part of Torino after very difficult years (due to injuries) between Monaco, Milan and Monaco. Have Injuries limited his careerbut at the age of 22 he can still surprise.

From Amadei to Pirlo, the youngest players of Serie A

Making his debut at such a young age is always risky because his body and mind are still those of a young boy and it is uncertain whether the promises made will be kept. Of course, there are also cases of the baby phenomenon that are confirmed to be adults. primarily Silvio PiolaHe started playing in Bologna-Pro Vercelli at the age of 16 years and 4 months, but later scored tons of goals.

This is good The story of Amedeo AmadeiThe “fornaretto” who auditioned without his parents’ knowledge and helped them with their son’s earnings when World War II bombings destroyed their bakery. Amadei, considered one of the greatest Italian forwards and the first of the modern forwards, made the following transfers: Rome’s first historical scudettoHe later settled in Inter.

There are many young debutants who have proven themselves by having a respectable career, some even more so. Gianni Rivera (15 years 9 months in 1959) and Andrea Pirlo (16 years 2 days in 1995) Stunning examples of champions currently in the making. Stephan El Shaarawy, Nicola Ventola and Valeri Bojinov also had good careers, while Stefano Okaka’s was a bit disappointing.

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