There are concessions worth 7 million euros in Italy, but how much do they cost abroad?

The realignment of online gaming has now been confirmed, albeit preliminary. However, the price of the new concessions will not compromise the previously agreed 7 million euros; This is a very sharp increase compared to the past.

7 million concessions in Italy and abroad?

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Increase in concession costs: controversial

At the last Cabinet of Ministers of 2023, the long-awaited reorganization of online games received preliminary approval. Inside, the price of the new privileges that will be released for remote public play has become official. Each license is One-time cost 7 million euros and has a maximum validity of 9 years, excluding renewal.

Considering that the previous price was € 250,000 this 28x increase. Many protests emerged, especially after a study by Logico (the Italian association of online gaming operators) revealed the cost of concessions in other European countries. The difference is actually huge. Consider France, where the cost of concessions has been abolished since 2018.

I must say, the only people who have it are the French. canceled this cost. To stay in neighboring countries in Spain you pay 10,870 euros per year for each license plus 0.00075% of the gaming volume collected by the operator. In the Iberian country, the duration is 5 years for a single license and 10 years for a general license. In neighboring Portugal, annual costs reach a maximum of 20,000 euros.

Costs in other countries and the example of Germany

Judging by Logico’s investigation, there is actually no evidence that 7 million was requested from Italian operators. 3% annual fee in net operating margin. The only country that comes close to this is Greece, where you pay €10,000 plus registration fees. 5 million for each license of all online games (which lasted 7 years).

However, Germany has a special regulation. operator collection. The cost per concession varies from 0.2% of collections (if less than €40 million) to €185,000 plus 0.06% of collections if more than €130 million. The volume of collections is also reference in Great Britain, where allocation costs vary from about 50 thousand pounds per year to 200 thousand pounds and more according to GGV.

They also have very simple systems where you pay, like in Romania. 300,000 euros per year for ten-year concessions. The one-time cost of five-year licenses in the Netherlands is 48,000 euros. In Malta, concessions last for one year and cost 25,000 Euros. In Sweden you pay around 38 thousand euros a year for casinos and the same for betting, but if you take both the cost drops to 67 thousand euros.

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