Lottomatica becomes increasingly inclusive and We Stand 4 supports STEM

Themes of inclusion, gender equality and combating stereotypes are also becoming increasingly central in corporate social responsibility strategies. A new startup sees Lottomatica as a leading player, along with Fastweb and other major companies.

Also 4 STEM Stands at Lottomatica

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Lottomatica supports the We Stand 4 STEM campaign

If we were in the 80s or 90s, the different sectors of the economy would be somewhat watertight compartments. Today, many dynamics have changed and even civil wars can bring companies and large business groups together. Among the most intimate themes of recent years are: Gender stereotypes and equal pay. Both are part of an interesting campaign along with others.

It is titled We Stand 4 STEM, where STEM is an English acronym meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. The campaign was started by Valore D.It is an Italian business association that was founded in 2009 and includes very large and important groups such as Microsoft, IKEA, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica and others. Lottomatica was also among the companies that supported the campaign.

The Italian gaming giant released a statement saying the group was happy to support the campaign, which has multiple goals. On the one hand, it is aimed Raising awareness among younger generations Towards this field of work that offers many job opportunities. On the other hand, the campaign reminds that less than 20 percent of graduates from these disciplines in 2022 will be women.

Gender equality: a good example from games

We have already mentioned the apparent distance of an industry like gambling from social issues such as gender stereotypes and equal pay. But in reality this is only appearance. Meanwhile, companies such as Lottomatica Group expansion policy continuesIt fills a sector we have been in until today, 48% of people employed in various positions are women.

Of course, we can always improve, but Lottomatica Group’s full participation in important communication campaigns such as We Stand For STEM should be seen in this sense, as more women are in key decision-making positions in the gaming industry as well. On the one hand, create real engagementand not just on paper, they bring a unique set of knowledge and sensibilities.

The situation regarding equal pay in Italy is still far behind compared to other European countries. A recent INPS survey of private sector workers found gendarmerie salary differenceSo the gender pay gap is just under 8 thousand euros per year. According to this study, the difference is largely due to the fact that part-time work is more common among women.

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